ScholarlyHub: Final Newsletter


Over the last two years we have tried and failed to raise the funds necessary to make a major and urgent change in the world of scholarly communications. That failure, we think, has more to do with our strategy rather than a lack of vision, desire, people, or material means to use the internet’s full potential for liberating scholarly knowledge from the chains of private interests and greed. Other initiatives are blooming and still others are sure to come. Perhaps in due time the right formula will be found to bring them all into fruitful communication with one another, which was in essence our plan.

We are grateful for your support and for allowing ScholarlyHub to become an important voice in discussing the future of shared infrastructures and pointing out what is currently undermining them, including a dangerous addiction on scholars’ part to prestige and facile metrics for gauging the quality and importance of science. We hope more people take stock of this situation and come up with more and shareable solutions.

BodoArXiv will transition into an independent service under its standing steering committee.

Our final balance will be available on our website until it shuts down in early October. Feel free to use any and all materials on the site, now or in the future.



The ScholarlyHub team and Advisory Board

Jason MillsComment