Science dies behind
closed doors.

Build ScholarlyHub to break down
barriers and free scholarship.

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ScholarlyHub members decide what happens.

Together with colleagues, you are in control.

At ScholarlyHub we believe that a critical attitude does not stop with the platforms we use. Support us and help create an environment that meets our needs as individuals and scholarly communities and where we are in control, not myopic political agendas, greedy publishers, or data merchants.

Scholarship behind pay walls is a product, not knowledge. Transparent and free access to scholarly communication is vital to learning and healthy societies. At ScholarlyHub we’re taking the best of the new and the best of the tried to create a truly open-access repository, publishing service, and scholarly social networking site, with large scope for members' initiatives, without discrimination. We are run by scholars, for scholars: not for profit, greater market share, or political kudos.