Newsletter #6: Preprints!

We are proud to announce the launch of our first preprint service, in collaboration with OSF Preprints.


Meet BodoArXiv, a preprint service for medieval studies:
Named after a Carolingian peasant made famous by historian Eileen Power (1889-1940), BodoArXiv gathers scholarly literature in medieval studies across the disciplines. It provides an open, non-profit repository for papers at different stages of gestation, including works that may later find themselves in article form and/or behind a paywall. Anyone can access and download any item on BodoArXiv freely and immediately, in adherence to the basic tenants of the Open Access movement. Beyond helping authors make their scholarship more visible and discoverable, BodoArXiv fosters collaboration and mentoring as a platform that supports various forms of peer review.
BodoArxiv boasts a broad steering committee from across medieval studies, also in an attempt to foster mentorship on the platform and increase the diversity of publications on it.
BodoArXiv launches together with MediArxiv, a preprint service for media studies, as a coordinated attempt to bring preprint culture to the humanities. In parallel, we are working on two more services for other fields, which we hope to update you on soon.
Thanks again for your continued support and interest. Please spread the word!

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Jason MillsComment