A New Learned Society: Introducing ScholarlyHub

In whose benefit do we let people who need access to science pay for it, again and again and again? How do we allow for-profit academic publishers to syphon off around $10 billion annually from depleting research budgets and ransack people around the world who lack direct access to scholarly publications? $10 billion paid by governments, libraries, institutions, projects and individuals to read work that has, for the most part, already been paid for through taxes or donations and produced in and for a public domain.

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What's with the tulips?

Human curiosity may be natural, but different scholars thrive under different conditions. Just like plants require a specific combination of rich soil, sufficient sun, clean air and enough water to grow, so does scholarship flourish in unique environments.

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Upon Leaving Academia.edu

Early last week I uploaded to my Academia.edu homepage a brief note signaling and explaining my decision to close my account on that site. As a medieval historian, I had been an active and enthusiastic member since 2010, with moderately high exposure, and while “On leaving Academia.edu” was meant as a provocative goodbye, I hadn’t expected it to draw much attention. 

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