Cold War Kitchen: Fundraiser

Join us on Friday 18-5 to raise funds for ScholarlyHub by feasting on delicious food & drinks. 

Artemy Kalinovsky and Michael Stevenson will provide food from both Cold War superpowers, dubbed “Soviet-American Soul Food.” Cold War Kitchen seeks to fill your proletariat heart and your patriotic beer-belly. In the spirit of open access and double agents, the guys will also share recipes, even the really secret ones.

When & where: 18 May @ 19.00 at the former Trotskyist stronghold founded by Ernest Mandel, IIRE (Lombokstraat 40). Please RSVP by signing up for our Facebook event. Or send an email to There's plenty of space so don't hesitate to join or bring along friends, we just want to make sure there is plenty of food to appease all rumbling stomachs. 

Euro 25 includes a full buffet and a drink of your choice. 
All proceeds go to support ScholarlyHub. Let's eat and drink our way to a truly grassroots open access platform that makes research available to all!

Hope to see you there!

Tashina BlomComment