What's with the tulips?

By Tashina Blom and Guy Geltner

Human curiosity may be natural, but different scholars thrive under different conditions. Just like plants require a specific combination of rich soil, sufficient sun, clean air and enough water to grow, so does scholarship flourish in unique environments. ScholarlyHub seeks to provide the right places to allow as many different scholars as possible to bloom. In that sense, we could have chosen any plant or flower as an icon and an overall metaphor for how we think of creating sustainable scholarly environments. Being an Amsterdam-based initiative, however, we felt that tulips would give some local flavor...


Tulip Mainia 


Tulips have one more advantage. Thanks to the legacy of the 1637 Tulipmania, possibly one of the first economic bubbles in recorded history, tulips continue to remind us of human folly. In particular, they recall the harsh effects of letting money and status dominate all walks of life, including a labor of love such as pursuing one’s curiosity.

Guy GeltnerComment