Donation Terms & Conditions 

These Terms & Conditions (the "TCs") apply to the website (the “Site”) and any donations made to and through the Site.


ScholarlyHub is a new initiative that aims to put scholars back in charge of their work. The site is in its early phases and will likely undergo further development. At the moment, the Site serves three goals:

  • Providing information;
  • Allowing individuals and organizations to make a donation;
  • Allowing individuals and organizations to sign up for a newsletter.


The Site at the moment explicitly does not provide any further services. By providing a donation, you explicitly state that you agree with these terms and conditions, and do not expect any service or other consideration in return. Certain practicalities are discussed in our Donation FAQs.


Your donation is made to and the site is maintained by Stichting ScholarlyHub, Daniel Stalpertstraat 14-3, Amstrdam 1072 XE. ScholarlyHub is registered as an “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” (ANBI; a Public Benefit Organisation), the Dutch parallel to a Non-Profit or Charitable Organization.

Listed below are the rights and obligations between you (the “donor” or “visitor”) and ScholarlyHub, as well as some general terms.


Your rights and obligations

  1. You have a cooling off period of 14 days. Within this period, you can claim back your donation by sending an email to ScholarlyHub will return the donation to you within 30 days of receiving such an email.
  2. By donating, you declare to be 18 years old or over.
  3. By donating, you declare that you provide your personal information correctly. 
  4. You will only provide a donation from sources that you are legally allowed to dispose of.
  5. You guarantee that if you have a partner, that partner agrees with the donation that you provide according to Dutch law (, if this donation could be viewed as extraordinary or unusual in your personal circumstances.


Rights and obligations of ScholarlyHub

  1. All donations will solely be to and on the name of ScholarlyHub. Ownership of all donations transfers to ScholarlyHub as soon as such a donation is received in the bank account of ScholarlyHub.
  2. ScholarlyHub is not liable for any damages as a result of the donation. You agree to indemnify ScholarlyHub for any third-party claim as a result of the donation.
  3. Your donation will only be used to the (further) development of the Site, its services and general aims of ScholarlyHub (please see the FAQs).
  4. ScholarlyHub will ensure website security and privacy by reasonable means. ScholarlyHub is not liable for any reasonable security or privacy issues.


Privacy Policy

  1. ScholarlyHub will process any personal information in accordance with all legal requirements, including the “Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens” (Dutch Personal Data Protection Law).
  2. Other than the information required to complete the process of receiving a donation or providing you with information about our activities, the Site will not store any personal information provided by donors or visitors of the Site. 
  3. You have the right not to be informed about updates. You can exclude yourself from any updates by sending an email to:, asking us to do so.
  4. You have the right to check at any time whether the personal information we keep of you is correct, and to revise it or delete it. In such case, ScholarlyHub might ask you to identify yourself with official documents.
  5. Under no circumstance will ScholarlyHub sell or transfer to other parties any information provided by donors or visitors to the Site, unless required by law or court order.
  6. All personnel of ScholarlyHub dealing with personal information provided by visitors and donors is bound to confidentiality regarding this personal information.
  7. Parts of the Site use cookies in order to improve its functionality.

Other terms

  1. These TCs may be adapted to account for changes in the Site and the services that ScholarlyHub provides.
  2. Apart from the donation process and related information, the Site is currently for information purposes only and is provided as is. No claims can be made based on any part of the Site, apart from the payment process.
  3. ScholarlyHub reserves the right to transfer all rights and titles to the website to another entity, only if this entity subscribes to the same intrinsic values, and the rights of donors are not diminished as a result of this transfer.
  4. Dutch law is applicable to these TCs. Any dispute will be heard by the courts in Amsterdam.
  5. Your donation will be returned if we fail to meet our financial target. Funds already used by then to support the site's establishment and running will be proportionately deducted from each donation.