Donation FAQs

Thanks for considering a donation to help build ScholarlyHub, a non-profit digital environment for open-access scholarly communications run for and by scholars. Your generosity will allow scholars to take back control of their work, enable them to learn from one another more freely, and bring their insights to society at large. Your crucial help will make the paywalls of greedy academic publishers irrelevant and introduce numerous people around the globe to a world of learning they can benefit from, without becoming themselves a product.


You can learn more about the Terms and Conditions of donating to ScholarlyHub here. Below are a few practical matters you may be wondering about:


How can I donate?

Three options: 1) wire money to our bank account, transfer funds through PayPal; or pay with your credit card. We are working on an IDeal link as well. All but the first option carry fees even within the Eurozone, which will be deducted from your donation.


What happens with my donation?

ScholarlyHub is a not-for-profit foundation. Your donation will directly fund the construction of our scholarly communications network. Our general budget is expected to comprise the following items (in 1000 euro, incl. VAT): Legal and insurance (20); Web and creative design (30); IT consulting (25); Coding and servers (300); Marketing (incl. travel) (25); Communications (45); Office and admin (25); Other (30). Total: 500k

Is there a timeline for this crowdfunding campaign?

Our goal is to raise 500,000 euro by July 2018. The timeline may change somewhat due to unforeseen circumstances, and may be extended if we (in consultation with our advisory board) think the fundraising can be completed by doing so. We will post regular updates on our website.


What happens if you don’t raise enough money on time?

We will return all funds raised to donors, after deducting a proportionate amount from each refund of money spent on preparing the current site and maintaining it.


Do I become a member once I donate?

Not directly. But once the site is built, anyone who donated 25 euro or more (10 euro reduced rate) will be eligible for one year's free membership


If you have any further questions, please email us at And please consider asking your friends and colleagues to make a donation as well.